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Wonderful Being Series

June 1, 2020

I have been interested in drawing and painting throughout my life, inspired by my late mother who herself had been painting from a very young age.

I began painting these characters which I call “Wonderful Beings” after taking courses at the London Academy of Arts, where my teacher said that my paintings have a unique inimitable style and encouraged me to pursue my interest. Painting is not so much work but a hobby which gives me great pleasure because it activates the same pathways in our brains as love and gives me an incredible feeling of joy each time I complete a piece.

I remember my mother talking about the late Gloria Vanderbilt when I was young and her paintings have also been an inspiration to me as there is something sincere and joyful about them. Another inspiration is from Ana Tzarev as I love the colourful style of her paintings.

The paintings are available on our website!

Dance with me into the joy!